Thursday, February 26, 2015

Preparing for Summer '15...

Are you thinking ahead of preparing your yard/garden/patio for the coming summer?

Consider reducing the amount of grass! That is not to say totally do away with grass and go all rock! Do not get that carried away. A good goal for Hill Country Texas is 30% turf. This will reduce cost and maintenance throughout the summer and whole year, and who doesn't want to save both?

This will not be as hard as you may be already thinking. A good goal for your outdoor living space is 1/3 turf, 1/3 hardscape and 1/3 planting beds. Stand back, look at your yard and imagine how you would love for it to look. Browse magazines and Pinterest for ideas. Start small. Do you have a patio for entertaining or just for grilling with your family? 

A patio is the perfect winter project as outdoor living is only becoming more popular. A patio is an improvement that will last for many years to come. 

Popular hardscape materials include flagstone, pavers, brick, cut stone and gravel. Decomposed granite or pebbles can be used to fill in spaces in flagstone. Decomposed granite is a colorful choice. The terra cotta color blends well with landscape plants. Using permeable hardscape allows water to be stored in the ground and water other nearby plants, rather than running off concrete.

Burroughs Landscaping has the answer to all of your patio and landscaping ideas and needs. From Kerrville, Fredericksburg and the San Antonio area, the experienced team loves making your dreams come true!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Texas Roses...

February is the month to prune rose bushes. Pruning during the month of February encourages healthier roses, producing more blooms in summer. In Hill Country, Texas, antique roses are the perfect colorful beauty for your yard and gardens in the summer. Unlike finicky roses you may purchase online or at a big box store that demand constant attention, antique roses are drought-resistant and beautiful. There are many choices ranging from small bushes to climbing vines and even plants small enough for container gardening. Old roses have not been as popular in recent years, but are returning to our gardens. Especially in the San Antonio area, these hearty lovelies are making a comeback. With muted colors and rich fragrance, antique roses are sure to be a hit in your garden. Brighten your landscape this summer with colorful antique roses.

Burroughs Landscaping is ready to combine their knowledge and expertise with your ideas to make a difference in your outdoor living space, preparing for spring and summer. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Valentine for Your Sweetie...

Valentine's Day is Saturday! It is that exclusive day meant to share a special treat with your true love. She can be your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister or best friend. Your favorite little ones will love decorating a heart shaped cookie or dancing with plenty of silliness. 

A great gift idea for this season is to call in the experts at Burroughs Landscaping. They are available to incorporate a new patio, build that new rock wall you have been thinking about, or adding a small water feature to your garden. Your loved one will adore you and in addition, your outdoor living space is being prepared early for summer entertaining

A heart shaped pattern worked into your new plan will bring memories of a wonderful holiday for many years.

Open your eyes to the outdoors this weekend as well. Brad Wier, a SAWS conservation consultant, suggests looking for birds with your sweetheart in your own backyard. It is the weekend of the Great Backyard Bird Count. The first flocks of Purple Martins are returning from Brazil. Local songbirds rely on brush and dense scrub for nesting, resting and feeding.

By having water and food available, you may even spot a lovebird!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Landscaping in the Winter...

Happy New Year!! If you are planning to entertain outdoors this winter, there may be some updating to be completed.
Do not let this guy tell you what to plant or your yard will be bare!
Burroughs Landscaping can turn your winter yard into an enjoyable outdoor living area. Mike and his experienced team can xeriscape your yard, lowering maintenance and cost for many years to come. Your yard and patio will be beautiful, no matter the season. If you have ideas of your own, or just want to be surprised, no matter the size of the job, from updating to a total makeover, Burroughs Landscaping is eager to make a difference for you.

Choosing natural plants and trees for your space allows for less maintenance and costs throughout the year. Texas redbuds and Texas mountain laurels are beautiful trees that require no maintenance as they are in their natural environment.  Decorative shrubs include red yucca and evergreen sumac. Adding ornamental grasses will add color and depth. 

This is the time of year to prune, trim roses and shape hedges.

Burroughs Landscaping located in Kerrville, TX is experienced and happy to take your ideas and share their knowledge with you. Contact them today to enjoy your xeriscaped yard throughout the entire year.