Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Beautiful Hill Country Landscape

Living in Hill Country Texas can be difficult in the summer. With the heat and lack of rain it can be hard to stay cool and keep your yard shaded and green. Trees play an important role in this. Planting trees that will stay green for as long as possible.

Evergreen plants and trees stay green all year long, hundreds of species thriving in climates around the world. Flowering evergreen plants, trees, shrubs, ground covers and vines bring color to gardens and landscapes. Evergreens attract birds and other wildlife to feed on nuts or seeds and take shelter under thick-growing foliage.

Trees define the landscape, creating the bones of your yard. Evergreens do not lose their leaves and remain green year round, creating wonderful shade for those hot summer days. Burroughs Landscaping has done all of the research for you, saving you both time and money later on down the road. In addition, Burroughs knows which plants and trees have a long blooming period, lasting from mid-summer to fall.

By Peggy Cunningham

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Winning the Fight With Oak Wilt Fungus...

Oak wilt is a major disease problem on live oaks, Spanish oaks, water oaks, black jack oaks and many others. Areas in the Texas Hill Country have been devastated by the fungus that causes the disease called oak wilt. There is a program developed by Texas A&M University to stop the needless loss of the precious trees. 

Burroughs Landscaping can assist in first identifying the problem. Once it is determined there is in fact fungus, there are steps you must take. Pruning is a good place to start. When possible, prune the tree between December 1 and February 1. It is best to avoid pruning between February 15 and June 15.  If the tree cannot be pruned due to the fact it is already dead, the diseased tree should be burned in place when possible.

Trees within a buffer zone can be treated with systemic fungicide. Alamo is a product labeled for the use in control of oak wilt. Many products are out there, and Burrough's Landscaping has the latest products available. You could cause more harm than good if you are not careful.

Live oaks can always be successfully replanted if precautions are taken to avoid wounds. Mike Burrough's and his team of experienced landscapers are anxious to assist in saving your trees.

By Peggy Cunningham

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Pathway to Hill Country

When landscaping a yard, walkways often get overlooked in Hill Country, Texas. We concern ourselves with poolspatios, and plant selections, but then we neglect to consider how to connect the different spaces in our yard. By ignoring paths, a garden can become disjointed because of the lack of thought put into the transitions and connections.

Not only do walkways guide people throughout your yard, they can also be used to create a mood or atmosphere. You will want to begin by determining if you are trying to create a formal or informal feeling. Then you will need to make a number of important decisions regarding shape,dimensions and materials, which can range from simple gravel to decorative stamped concrete. Other factors to consider include your budget, the desired traffic flow, the amount of foot traffic your walkway will receive, and safety. Be sure to add some path lighting for safe walking after dark. Always remember solar lights are an inexpensive way to bring beauty to your new walkway. You can emphasize a path's shape with plantings, such as using formal boxed hedges as a border along a straight-edged walkway.

Do not ignore the important roles pathways can play in your home's overall landscape. Be sure to consult Burroughs Landscaping for advice and assistance on choosing the best materials and specifications.

By Peggy Cunningham

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Backyard Makeover

If you are looking for suitable ideas for landscaping your yard, here are some great ideas. Most of the plants on this list are tolerant of the alkaline soils and drought conditions typical to the Hill Country. This will help you grow healthy plants, trees, and shrubs. Make your lawn as beautiful as you want it to be.

Select plants suited to your particular growing conditions (soil type, amount of moisture, and amount of sun or shade.)
  • The optimal season for planting trees and shrubs is late autumn through early winter.
  • Plant wildflower seeds September through November.
  • Thoroughly water plants during the first year and during periods of drought.
  • Trees need to be watered regularly for 2 years and when they become stressed during drought.
  • Mulching will reduce weeds and watering frequency.
  • Protect all plants from deer.
  • No plant is deer-proof!

Remember Burroughs Landscaping can help you with all you lawn and landscaping needs.