Thursday, February 26, 2015

Preparing for Summer '15...

Are you thinking ahead of preparing your yard/garden/patio for the coming summer?

Consider reducing the amount of grass! That is not to say totally do away with grass and go all rock! Do not get that carried away. A good goal for Hill Country Texas is 30% turf. This will reduce cost and maintenance throughout the summer and whole year, and who doesn't want to save both?

This will not be as hard as you may be already thinking. A good goal for your outdoor living space is 1/3 turf, 1/3 hardscape and 1/3 planting beds. Stand back, look at your yard and imagine how you would love for it to look. Browse magazines and Pinterest for ideas. Start small. Do you have a patio for entertaining or just for grilling with your family? 

A patio is the perfect winter project as outdoor living is only becoming more popular. A patio is an improvement that will last for many years to come. 

Popular hardscape materials include flagstone, pavers, brick, cut stone and gravel. Decomposed granite or pebbles can be used to fill in spaces in flagstone. Decomposed granite is a colorful choice. The terra cotta color blends well with landscape plants. Using permeable hardscape allows water to be stored in the ground and water other nearby plants, rather than running off concrete.

Burroughs Landscaping has the answer to all of your patio and landscaping ideas and needs. From Kerrville, Fredericksburg and the San Antonio area, the experienced team loves making your dreams come true!

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