Friday, July 22, 2016

The Century Plant

Burroughs Landscaping encourages native plants like the Century Plant for your landscaping needs
Landscaping can be more enjoyable when it requires less maintenance.  Using plants that are native to your regional climate are easier to care for and resist pests and diseases. Native plants have naturally adapted to their environment over thousands of years so they won't need as much fertilizer and water as non-native plants.

The Century Plant is a perfect plant to add to your landscaping design plans. This iconic agave thrives in full sun or part shade and is a native Texas plant.  This rugged beauty is celebrated by landscapers for its ease of care and durability.  It is also known as the American Agave and has been utilized as a cornerstone resource by indigenous people from its point of origin in the highlands of Mexico to the unforgiving terrain of Arizona and parts of Texas.  This agave century plant has beautiful leaves that can grow to a length of six feet.  These leaves can be a bluish-gray color and have thorns at the bottom so be sure and keep them away from pedestrian areas.

Burroughs Landscaping encourages the use of Native Plants in your landscaping plans
Once established the century plant needs essentially no attention.  It can live up to 25 years and produces only a single set of blooms during its lifetime. The name century comes form the fact that is a slow growth plant and it takes years to bloom, although it doesn't take 100 years! The blooming consists of a cluster flowers on top of the huge central stalk resembling a candelabrum and is a memorable sight if you are lucky to see it!

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