Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Valentine for Your Sweetie...

Valentine's Day is Saturday! It is that exclusive day meant to share a special treat with your true love. She can be your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister or best friend. Your favorite little ones will love decorating a heart shaped cookie or dancing with plenty of silliness. 

A great gift idea for this season is to call in the experts at Burroughs Landscaping. They are available to incorporate a new patio, build that new rock wall you have been thinking about, or adding a small water feature to your garden. Your loved one will adore you and in addition, your outdoor living space is being prepared early for summer entertaining

A heart shaped pattern worked into your new plan will bring memories of a wonderful holiday for many years.

Open your eyes to the outdoors this weekend as well. Brad Wier, a SAWS conservation consultant, suggests looking for birds with your sweetheart in your own backyard. It is the weekend of the Great Backyard Bird Count. The first flocks of Purple Martins are returning from Brazil. Local songbirds rely on brush and dense scrub for nesting, resting and feeding.

By having water and food available, you may even spot a lovebird!

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