Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Adding Color to Your Winter Garden Naturally with Birds!

With winter quickly approaching, most of the color in our yards and gardens may be fading. Never fear! Birds can fill in our winter days, adding color and enjoyment throughout the winter.

Our Texas Hill Country winters can be dry, so keeping a birdbath clean and full is the first step to entice little visitors. Rinse and fill your birdbath every day or two for drinking and bathing.

The next step is to provide food for our little darlings. Woodpeckers, kinglets, wrens, warblers and starlings will visit your oasis if you provide suet or seed blocks. Thistle feeders with their long tubes will attract finches. These little pretties will brighten your yard up with striking gold and pinkish red colors, turning darker green as winter moves in. Sunflower seeds are a hit with all birds. Investing in a metal feeder with a weight sensitive perch will prevent squirrels from eating you out of house and home. 

Not only will providing food and shelter for birds during the winter months keep your garden colorful, but you may enjoy a show or two as your flying pretties entertain you with their frolicking. 

Burroughs Landscaping has the perfect solution for incorporating an eye catching birdbath into your hardscape