Thursday, October 30, 2014

Xeriscaping in the Fall...

Xeriscaping is quickly becoming popular in the San Antonio / Hill Country area. It is a way of landscaping that promotes water conservation, which is all important in our region.

Burroughs Landscaping has all the answers to convert your yard and garden. They combine your wants with their knowledge in planning what your landscape will look like during each season of the year.

Fall is a great time to evaluate any changes that may need to be made. Burroughs provides native plants, shrubs and trees that are the most drought resistant. These same plants will entice visitors such as birds and butterflies to inhabit your yard.

To avoid excessive watering in the summer, now may be the time to re-evaluate the amount of turfgrass you have. A good rule is no more than one-third of your landscape should be grass, and Burroughs knows the best type of grass to use.

Mike and his team will recommend  everything from irrigation to mulch to maintenance. Fall is the ideal time for the team to transplant any existing plants to a more accommodating location. Mulch will protect roots of plants and trees during potentially harsh winter months. This is the perfect solution for leaves. Leaf mulch reduces water evaporation and adds nutrients. This is a great solution rather than bagging leaves. 

There are unlimited options with stone paths, walls, patios, etc. Visit Burroughs Landscaping today to assist in your fall landscaping adventures.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

How did Your Landscape Hold up this Summer?

It is the beginning of a new season, the perfect time to go out to your yard, take a look around and see how it is all holding up after a hot, dry summer season. The weather has cooled off, so enjoy some time outdoors in Texas Hill Country
  • Which plants did better during hot weather?
  • Did your watering system work well? 
  • Are you using irrigation or watering by hand? 
  • Are plants arranged to make best of use of watering?

Cooler temperatures, yet still warm soil make fall the perfect time for new beginnings. This is an ideal time to plant a new tree. It is also a great time to plant perennials, biennials and annuals. The mixture gives a wider range of colors and blooming times. Planting now means less watering as there will be more rain, necessary for new life. The fall, winter and spring give new plants time to develop a strong root base before summer arrives, taking its toll in the dry heat. 

If deer munching your new pretties is a problem, planting santolina as a border may discourage them. Keep in mind that even deer-resistant plants may need protection when they are young and the leaves are still tender.

Existing trees and shrubs are elated at the milder temperatures and will come alive after the long hot summer with a new show of color and blooms for our autumn viewing pleasure.

Burroughs Landscaping has all answers including which plants, trees and landscaping needs for your particular area, whether in Bandera, Fredericksburg or Ingram.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Colorful Autumn...

The heat of summer may have caused some plants to go into hiding as the temperatures rose. With fall quickly approaching, you may find your gardens and yard coming to life again. If your landscape appeals to birds, your autumn view will be that much more colorful.

Landscape in Hill Country Texas that contains a natural garden or trees and lively shrubs containing seeds, berries and blooms will draw birds for the fall and winter months. Providing a water source and shelter encourages American goldfinches, robins, orioles and ruby-crowned kinglets. Golden-cheeked warbler nests in Ashe junipers.

Don't forget to look up! This month you can see V-shaped lines of geese and cranes on their way to brush country. Hawks and kestrels will also be looking back at you.

Burroughs Landscaping is happy to share ideal plants and trees so you can enjoy a breathtaking view for many falls to come.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall Foliage in Texas

In the Hill Country of Texas hardwoods put on a color display in autumn, though some are more fiery and prolific than others. Maples are among the most renowned; in East Texas, red maples and boxelders add vibrant yellow and crimson to woods and shrub lands. Native oaks such as eastern black oak and southern red oak tend to put on a slightly more subdued display of browns, reds and yellows. Other hardwoods colorful in autumn include walnuts, sycamores, beech, sweetgum, elms, cottonwoods and black cherries. Groves of quaking aspen, widely scattered in the highlands of far western Texas, turn a mesmerizing yellow. One conifer native to East Texas, the bald cypress, is deciduous; its feathery needles turn from green to golden or orange-brown in the autumn before dropping. This great tree of buttressed trunk and fibrous bark lords over many a backwater swamp in the Southeast. 

Trees are not the only ones showing off their color displays in autumn: A host of shrubs, from sumacs to poison ivy, add to the visual feast. The four most common species of sumac found in Hill Country Aromatic Sumac, Prairie Flameleaf Sumac, Evergreen Sumac and Littleleaf Sumac. While they are all different in appearance, they all produce red berries and are shrubs or small trees.

By Peggy Cunningham

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fall is in the Air

Fall is upon us. If you are looking for ways to be able to spend some time outdoors on those cool nights, a fire pit could be the answer.

Backyard fire pits are one of the most popular of all landscaping features. They are attractive, functional and provide an outdoor gathering place for the entire family and friends.

Fire pits can be built out of various stones or blocks. Make sure you have a good dirt bottom and level area for the foundation. You should be at least 25 feet from trees and structures. Circular fire pits are about two feet tall and five feet in diameter with a three feet interior dimension. These beautiful pits will add so much to your landscaping and some great memories out by the fire.

Whether you are in San Antonio or Kerrville, or anywhere in the area, Burroughs Landscaping has great plans and ideas to share and build your fire pit. All that is left for you to do is add some great outdoor furniture and round up some family and friends. It's Fall Y'all!!

By Peggy Cunningham