Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Landscaping in the Winter...

Happy New Year!! If you are planning to entertain outdoors this winter, there may be some updating to be completed.
Do not let this guy tell you what to plant or your yard will be bare!
Burroughs Landscaping can turn your winter yard into an enjoyable outdoor living area. Mike and his experienced team can xeriscape your yard, lowering maintenance and cost for many years to come. Your yard and patio will be beautiful, no matter the season. If you have ideas of your own, or just want to be surprised, no matter the size of the job, from updating to a total makeover, Burroughs Landscaping is eager to make a difference for you.

Choosing natural plants and trees for your space allows for less maintenance and costs throughout the year. Texas redbuds and Texas mountain laurels are beautiful trees that require no maintenance as they are in their natural environment.  Decorative shrubs include red yucca and evergreen sumac. Adding ornamental grasses will add color and depth. 

This is the time of year to prune, trim roses and shape hedges.

Burroughs Landscaping located in Kerrville, TX is experienced and happy to take your ideas and share their knowledge with you. Contact them today to enjoy your xeriscaped yard throughout the entire year.

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