Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Brighten Up an Outdoor Living Room

Because we live in Texas Hill Country, in the essence of cost and maintenance, our yards and patios may not be blooming with brightly colored flowers everywhere.

Do Not Despair!! There are other ways to brighten up our outdoor living areas, enticing us out to enjoy summer. One of Burrough's Landscaping, Kerrville, TX specialties is Hardscaping.

A bright coat of paint on outdoor furniture immediately draws us outside.  Add some splashy outdoor cushions and you will not want to go back inside. 

Soothing, or bright panels of curtains on the corners of a deck can add finesse and serve as shade on a hot afternoon. Consider an outdoor rug. This raises the comfort level as well as giving a focal point to decorate around.

Pots, barrels, and baskets with flowers add personality to a patio or deck without the expense or maintenance of a whole flower garden. Use your imagination for containers, paint, stack, hang, the options are endless. 

Add a swing to your porch. Nothing is more relaxing with a cool drink and a favorite magazine. There is nothing like the gentle movement of a swing. It may be everyone’s favorite spot. Be prepared to add another one!

While we are careful to conserve water, a small tabletop fountain adds charm to our patios with soothing sounds and enjoyment without being overly wasteful.

Just a couple of these inexpensive pretties will make your very own private oasis without every having to leave home.

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