Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Preparing Beds for Summer 2015...

Summer will be here before we know it! March is the perfect time to be thinking ahead for summer landscaping in Hill Country Texas. It is recommended that your landscape consist of no more than 1/3 turf, 1/3 hardscape and 1/3 planting beds. This is the most time saving and economical solution for drought resistant results. 

The main thing to remember for low maintenance and savings as well, is natural! Xeriscaping will save you money and a lot of work. Trees, bushes and flowers that are native to the San Antonio area are naturally beautiful and low maintenance. 

Keep in mind if you are planting for shade or direct sun and how large a plant will be when full grown. Plant according to full grown size. Also consider deer resistant plants. While no plant is totally deer resistant, there are some that are less appealing to the "dears". 

If it is possible, a natural garden is an excellent choice. This will encourage butterflies, birds and other colorful friends to visit and is virtually maintenance free. Sunflowers are colorful and exciting in a garden. Senna roemeriana, damainita and a variety of daisies are just a few of many available drought resistance beauties.

Prepare now for relaxing summer months of enjoying your updated outdoor living space. Contact Burroughs Landscaping to combine your ideas with their expertise to gain the most enjoyment of your yard and gardens this summer.

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