Friday, April 11, 2014

Deer Resistant Plants and Flowers - 101

People are not the only ones who enjoy the beauty of the Texas Hill Region. Deer love our rolling hills and spring fed rivers and lakes too! With spring upon us, and summer quickly approaching, you may be thinking of planting some new greenery and color in your yard.

Even those of us who enjoy seeing a deer cross our yard occasionally do not like them munching our favorite plants and flowers. Keeping in mind that like us, one deer may not find our prized flower bed to their particular liking, but the next one that comes along may find it their favorite. Hence, there are not many flowers and plants that are totally deer resistant. There are some plants that are resistant to our hot, dry summers and require minimal maintenance that will be less likely to appeal to deer.

Farmer’s Almanac offers suggestions if you have seen signs of deer in your yard or garden, such as hoof prints or jagged edges on leaves. Some of these include:
  • Put stronger smelling flowers and prickly plants with hairy or furry leaves on the outside of a garden, with smaller, more attractive plants on the inside for protection.
  • Keep yard and garden clear of leaves, rotten fruits and nuts such as acorns.
  • An inexpensive motion detector can be used to frighten them away from your yard
  • Repellents, available at most home and garden stores, can be sprayed on plants and flowers with no harm to them and will discourage deer.

Burroughs Landscaping is anxious to assist you in determining the best fit for your space and preference. It is possible to have a beautiful garden and outdoor living area, without having a buffet for deer.

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