Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Winning the Fight With Oak Wilt Fungus...

Oak wilt is a major disease problem on live oaks, Spanish oaks, water oaks, black jack oaks and many others. Areas in the Texas Hill Country have been devastated by the fungus that causes the disease called oak wilt. There is a program developed by Texas A&M University to stop the needless loss of the precious trees. 

Burroughs Landscaping can assist in first identifying the problem. Once it is determined there is in fact fungus, there are steps you must take. Pruning is a good place to start. When possible, prune the tree between December 1 and February 1. It is best to avoid pruning between February 15 and June 15.  If the tree cannot be pruned due to the fact it is already dead, the diseased tree should be burned in place when possible.

Trees within a buffer zone can be treated with systemic fungicide. Alamo is a product labeled for the use in control of oak wilt. Many products are out there, and Burrough's Landscaping has the latest products available. You could cause more harm than good if you are not careful.

Live oaks can always be successfully replanted if precautions are taken to avoid wounds. Mike Burrough's and his team of experienced landscapers are anxious to assist in saving your trees.

By Peggy Cunningham

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