Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Colorful Leaves Everywhere but on the Trees?

Are you blessed with many colorful leaves littering your lawn this beautiful fall season? 

Fall in Texas Hill Country
For those of us in Texas Hill Country who love our trees, even though leaves are essential, they can be frustrating as they fall faster than we can decide the best method of disposing of them. Essential nutrients such as magnesium, potassium and nitrogen are supplied by leaves. Leaves supply food and energy to macro and micro organisms through the soil. 

There are some options to consider that will make the most of those pesky leaves blowing around our lawns:
  • Raking the leaves and disposing in a compost bin creates organic fertilizer. Add small amounts of fertilizer and moisture to speed up decomposition. This choice reduces adding to landfills.
  • Raking leaves and disposing in receptacle is an option to straighten your lawn and walks. If you don't have a compost pile, this is one way to allow your grass to breathe through the winter months.
  • Leave your mower out a bit longer and mow the leaves. This option leaves nutrients for your trees and lawn, and can even prevent weed growth through the winter. Depending on the kinds of trees on your property and size of leaves, mow at least once each week to keep fallen leaf population under control. 
If you choose to eliminate leaves yourself, any of the above options is good exercise for the fall months. And what better time to be outside than during cooler weather. Enjoy the break from out hot summer months. Also, Burroughs Landscaping enjoys bringing your property to life in the fall, ridding your lawn of leaves and updating your outdoor living space.  
Share your ideas for disposing of leaves and other fall tips for your lawn!

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