Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What Does Winter Landscaping Look Like In the Texas Hill Country? ~ 101

Just because it is wintertime in the San Antonio, Kerrville and surrounding areas does not mean gloomy, colorless days. Burroughs Landscaping enjoys brightening homes and businesses' yards that will be inviting all winter long. Let's look a few of the plants and flowers that are natural to our beautiful area of the state, and are great choices to make your yard look amazing year round.

Texas Hill Country Landscaping in Winter,
  • Ashe Juniper - Male trees produce pollen in cones that begin to drop in January. Female trees produce dark purple berries that are important for wildlife, serving as food for birds, deer and squirrels. Younger branches have patches of silvery bark. As the branches age, the bark will begin to peel, as well as squirrels tearing pieces off strips to use in nests.
  • Varieties of Daisies - Stay green all year, blooming as early as January and into the spring with white and yellow buds.
  • Widows Tears - Evergreen foliage, growing taller in the spring with blue flowers.
  • Texas Aster - In the spring grow taller and bloom in different shades of purple and pink.
  • Salvia - Bloom in the spring with vibrant red flowers.
  • Prairie Golden Rod - Evergreen foliage that grows close to the ground and produces yellow flowers.
  • Winter Jasmine - Blooms with exotic yellow blossoms in winter.
  • Winter Honeysuckles - Flowers with an amazing fragrance in winter.
  • Golden Groundsel - Is a year-round, full, beautiful ground cover that blooms yellow daisies in spring.
  • Mealy Blue Sage - Native to the Texas Hill Country and if the dead growth is removed, it will stay green at the base throughout winter.
  • Prairie Sage - Native herb and ground cover that requires no extra watering and is deer resistant.
  • Salvia Greggii - An evergreen that is popular as it retains flowers throughout winter.
  • Thyme - Deer resistant, growing to 8" tall and one foot across, it can be used for seasoning.
  • Gray Shrub Sage - A tiny bush that is deer resistant and produces vivid blue flowers in summer.
  • Lavender - A  beautiful, low growing evergreen that is deer resistant and can last up to 20 years or longer.
  • Narcissus - A fragrant, fascinating plant that shows off yellow blooms beginning in January through the end of February.
  • Rosemary - Can stand upright or trail over walls, spreading with age and producing vivid blue flowers.
  • Heartleaf Skullcap - Bright, pretty-shaped, evergreen ground cover with elongated stems in growing season.
With the many choices of natural plants and flowers available, our landscapes will be bright and full of color throughout the winter months. Contact Burroughs Landscaping for more information on bringing your outdoor living area to life this winter.

Burroughs Landscaping offers outstanding service and innovative ideas with landscaping tailored to Xeriscaping in Hill Country Texas. The experienced team enjoys landscaping in Kerrville, Hunt, Ingram, Fredericksburg, Boerne, Bandera, Comfort, San Antonio and Mountain Home. Burroughs works with home owners, builders and general contractors and considers the location, topography, aesthetics and aspirations of each client.

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