Thursday, October 23, 2014

How did Your Landscape Hold up this Summer?

It is the beginning of a new season, the perfect time to go out to your yard, take a look around and see how it is all holding up after a hot, dry summer season. The weather has cooled off, so enjoy some time outdoors in Texas Hill Country
  • Which plants did better during hot weather?
  • Did your watering system work well? 
  • Are you using irrigation or watering by hand? 
  • Are plants arranged to make best of use of watering?

Cooler temperatures, yet still warm soil make fall the perfect time for new beginnings. This is an ideal time to plant a new tree. It is also a great time to plant perennials, biennials and annuals. The mixture gives a wider range of colors and blooming times. Planting now means less watering as there will be more rain, necessary for new life. The fall, winter and spring give new plants time to develop a strong root base before summer arrives, taking its toll in the dry heat. 

If deer munching your new pretties is a problem, planting santolina as a border may discourage them. Keep in mind that even deer-resistant plants may need protection when they are young and the leaves are still tender.

Existing trees and shrubs are elated at the milder temperatures and will come alive after the long hot summer with a new show of color and blooms for our autumn viewing pleasure.

Burroughs Landscaping has all answers including which plants, trees and landscaping needs for your particular area, whether in Bandera, Fredericksburg or Ingram.

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