Thursday, October 16, 2014

Colorful Autumn...

The heat of summer may have caused some plants to go into hiding as the temperatures rose. With fall quickly approaching, you may find your gardens and yard coming to life again. If your landscape appeals to birds, your autumn view will be that much more colorful.

Landscape in Hill Country Texas that contains a natural garden or trees and lively shrubs containing seeds, berries and blooms will draw birds for the fall and winter months. Providing a water source and shelter encourages American goldfinches, robins, orioles and ruby-crowned kinglets. Golden-cheeked warbler nests in Ashe junipers.

Don't forget to look up! This month you can see V-shaped lines of geese and cranes on their way to brush country. Hawks and kestrels will also be looking back at you.

Burroughs Landscaping is happy to share ideal plants and trees so you can enjoy a breathtaking view for many falls to come.

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