Monday, April 21, 2014

Bluebonnets – Get your Camera Ready

It is finally springtime, it is warming up and the Bluebonnets, our Texas state flower, are beautiful! Bluebonnets are named for their color and likeness to a woman’s sunbonnet.

Bluebonnets were adopted as the official state flower by the Texas Legislature in 1901. Scientifically named Lupinus texensis, they are also called buffalo clover, wolf flower and el conejo.

Bluebonnets are some of the most popular wildflowers in central Texas and can be seen on just about any back road beginning in March. After our winter of rain, sleet and snow, word has it that this will be an above average beautiful season for bluebonnets. If you are not familiar with the area, stop in a local cafe or shop. The people who live here will be able to direct you to the best locations with literally fields of bluebonnets with spectacular views. Visit Lady Bird Johnson for bluebonnet sightings with the best scenery. People will visit from miles away for the spectacular show. It is a beautiful sight. Do not forget your camera.

If there is a natural area you would love to see blooming in color every spring and into the summer, plant bluebonnet seeds in full sun in soil that drains well. Barely cover the seeds with soil, and water the seeds only on the day of planting. Allow the soil to dry thoroughly before watering again. Do not over water as bluebonnets love our hot Texas sun! The only need for fertilizer is if you desire more bountiful blooms.

Get ready to get hooked on photography next as you may find them frame worthy, or beautiful enough to enter and win a contest.

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