Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Burroughs Landscaping Loves Trees!

Burroughs Landscaping loves planting new trees and taking care of our existing beauties!

Trees filter our water, Burroughs Landscaping

We all know that trees need water to survive and grow. What we may not be aware of is that water quality and quantity is directly linked to trees. 

Trees filter our water. Trees remove water from the soil, traveling through the vascular system where it is cleaned and released in a fine mist into the air. The water is cleaned as it travels through the vascular system, emitting up to 400 gallons of water in a day!

Water is also filtered as it travels through tree roots and seeps into our groundwater. Research shows that some tree species break down water pollutants including metals, pesticides, and solvents. Tree roots prevent erosion of precious topsoil by stabilizing the soil and dispersing rainfall. 

Tree foliage reduces the amount of water runoff. The water retained on the leaves and stems slowly drips off or evaporates. Tree foliage means water entering the soil, helping to reduce the potential for drought problems. Shade from trees reduces the evaporation of soil moisture, which reduces the need for landscape irrigation. 

What better time than the beginning of a new season to plant new life! Milder soil and air temperatures are excellent conditions for the root systems to begin growing. Our mild Texas Hill Country winters provide the perfect environment for new roots to become established throughout winter months, allowing young trees to be established for hot summer months.

Burroughs Landscaping's friendly, knowledgeable team is happy to meet you and discuss your ideas. Combining your ideas with their experience, they will create a beautiful, natural Texas Hill Country landscape that you will enjoy for years to come.

Burroughs Landscaping offers outstanding service and innovative ideas with landscaping tailored to Xeriscaping in Hill Country Texas. The experienced team enjoys landscaping in Kerrville, Hunt, Ingram, Fredericksburg, Boerne, Bandera, Comfort, San Antonio and Mountain Home. Burroughs works with home owners, builders and general contractors and considers the location, topography, aesthetics and aspirations of each client.

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