Thursday, November 6, 2014

Changing of the Seasons

Fall is the perfect time to think about converting your yard and garden to a lower maintenance area. Burrough's Landscaping has the answer for making your space more drought resistant, lower cost, and beautiful.
Mike and his experienced team love changing the scenery from dry, thirsty grass to beautiful designs with rock, stone, paths, and deer resistant plants and trees. Your backyard can be transformed from costly high maintenance to gorgeous, updated magnificence.

We have plenty of rocks everywhere, big and small, we can make great use of them! Arranged into a low wall, they also provide shelter for butterflies, toads and small animals. 

With the right drought resistant plants you can have a garden full of color. After the long, hot summer, flowers are coming to life now in cooler temperatures and more rainfall. Ranunculus are an excellent choice for fall flower planting. Brightly colored, ranunculus are frost-hardy and love the cooler season.

Call Burroughs for suggestions and share your ideas to transform your yard and garden for the change of seasons.

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