Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Watering in Summer...

With summer upon us, there will be less rain and hotter days. Some things to consider when watering the gardens and yards the next few months, according to Mike Burroughs Landscaping in Kerrville, TX.

  • When planting flowers, plants and grass, consider watering needs for each, as well as sunny and shaded areas. Group similar plants together, avoiding wasteful watering. This is known as hydrozoning.
  • Have sprinkler heads checked periodically to confirm they are functioning to full capacity with no leaks and still pointing the right direction.  
  • Do not water the pavement, and make sure the water is not hitting a bush blocking the grass. 
  • Only water when needed. If the landscape is mostly native plants and flowers, there may be no need to water often. 
  • Watering between dusk and dawn prevents the water from evaporating in the heat and wind. This allows the water to soak into the ground reaching the roots.
  • Installing a rain sensor to turn the system off during a rainstorm will avoid waste and save money.
  • Compost will keep the water in the soil longer and avoid runoff.
  • Replacing mulch once or twice each year will hold moisture in the ground. One to two inches will allow water in, and keep it there longer. 
  • Allow grass to grow slightly taller. This allows it to protect it's own roots, shading them from the heat of the sun. 
  • Change the watering schedule with the seasons. In cooler weather, native plants and flowers will not need as much water as in hot summer months.

"IMG_9605" by Fabrice Florin is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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