Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Fling

What a great place to be in the spring – Texas Hill Country. The days are getting longer and it is finally warming up. We have had a tough, long winter, would you agree? I am ready to get my yard and landscaping in order, ready to welcome the summer months and spend some time outdoors. It is time to reclaim our yards from Old Man Winter and make them our own. Landscaping, such as trees, flowers and stone walls all show our personality, just as those great new boots and jewelry do for our outfits every morning when we get dressed. Get ready to design, install, plant, trim, expand and enjoy your outdoor living space.

Start with imagining what your goal is, what you want to see accomplished, and a plan to get there. Be thinking about any new plants, perennials and annuals you may want added. Imagine, even draw planting designs and gardens you have in mind. Look online for updated, fresh ideas.

It is time to have emergent put out. Replenishing mulch will protect the roots of plants and trees in the coming hot, dry summer months as well as greatly improve the look of the beds and around trees. Does your hardscape need improvement? Is there a new pathway in your plan? Are you thinking that retaining wall needs a little love? Have you decided a pond would add ambience to your outdoor living room? Do you need or want to add irrigation to water more wisely, not to mention easier?

Things to keep in mind while brainstorming, according to Burroughs Landscaping, about your ideas for landscaping are to keep the area, climate and soil in mind as you are determining your choices.

An inexpensive approach is to use what you have. Allowing areas to remain natural will be a maintenance time saver. It is a more economical and efficient use of water by having limited turf to maintain. Brighten up a natural area with pops of color with wildflowers, saving money as well as time now and in the long run. Wildflowers, such as Bluebonnets, Texas Paintbrush, Indian Blanket, Greenthread, Winecup and Square Bud Primrose will add colorful beauty with minimal work.  Yucca or cacti are also great additions.

Kiss winter goodbye and welcome spring with open arms, outdoors in your new sanctuary.

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