Thursday, August 20, 2015

Are We Really in Drought?

Drought conditions are a part of living in Texas Hill Country.

In spite of all the rain at the beginning of summer, our normal drought conditions are upon us. If your yard and gardens seem dry, never fear. They are tougher than you may imagine. If you have grass, it may be necessary to water, but be aware of restrictions in your particular area. Once each week should suffice for most grass and plants. Give your landscape the water it needs, but there don't over water. If your gardens contain mostly native plants, there may be little need to water at all!

Adjust your irrigation system to water or plan to use the sprinkler early in the morning or late in the evening hours. Hand watering uses the least amount. This avoids areas that need less water, as well as avoids watering sidewalks and streets. Watch the weather, there may be days that unexpected showers pass through, eliminating the need to water at all. 

When planning a garden, arrange like plants together. This will avoid over watering plants that are more drought tolerant. In fact, too much water can cause pests that love overly hot, moist, dense vegetation. Fire ants, mosquitoes and pill bugs will make their home in your plants and lawns if it is too damp. Fire ants enjoy tropical conditions and can build huge mounds across your yard. Watering a minimum amount can avoid fire ants. Mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water in shady and humid places. Over watering thick shrubs and tall grass will provide the perfect environment for mosquitoes to multiply. Pill bugs enjoy humid moist conditions and eat tender green vegetation in landscapes and gardens. 

Allow Burroughs Landscaping to evaluate your landscaping and update with the newest technology in irrigation. The experienced team will make your landscape healthier as well as saving you money and time.

Keep calm and water carefully!!

Burroughs Landscaping offers outstanding service and innovative ideas with landscaping tailored to Xeriscaping in Hill Country Texas. The experienced team enjoys landscaping in Kerrville, Hunt, Ingram, Fredericksburg, Boerne, Bandera, Comfort, San Antonio and Mountain Home. Burroughs works with home owners, builders and general contractors and considers the location, topography, aesthetics and aspirations of each client.

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